Sandy goodwin
I Think, Therefore I Doubt
12 Key Principles to Build Self-Confidence & Self-trust: for Perfectionists, People-Pleasers, and Heart-Centered Women

By Sandy Goodwin

When faced with making a decision, do you roll it over and over in your mind, struggling to come up with the right one? Do you over-think the process and fall into “analysis paralysis?” Do you wish you had the confidence to make effective decisions easily? In this power-packed book, you’ll be led step-by-step to build confidence, trust, and belief in yourself, allowing you to make authentic and empowered decisions.
You’ll discover how to:
  • Tap into your inner wisdom
  • Shift the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back
  • Redefine what success means to you
  • Take small, powerful steps to ease into action
  • Ask for help and receive graciously
Use the 12 Key Principles of Inner Confidence to stop waiting and start moving. You can do it!
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